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Handles for the G7 series enclosures

Handles for the G7 series enclosures

Dimensions, mmColorPDFPhoto
G1600140140x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600140Handle for G738, G767, G768 enclosures
G1600225225x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600225Handle for G747, G748, G749, G716, G717 enclosures
G1600260260x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600260Photo G1600260Handle for G758, G753, G754, G731, G733 enclosures
G761Datasheet G761Photo G761 G770
G1600156156x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600156Handle for G763, G764, G765 enclosures
G1600200200x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600200Handle for G769, G770, G771 enclosures
G1600245245x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600245Handle for G750, G751, G752, G720, G721, G722 enclosures
G160009595x146x23.65Light grayDatasheet G1600095Handle for G760, G761, G762 enclosures
G1600Wx146x23.65Light grayPhoto G1600WHandle for enclosures universal


Nylon hinged handles with aluminium bar for the G7 series enclosures.


The handle can be used as a step for housing.

  • material: nylon66 UL94-V2 and aluminium bar;
  • strong and handy hinged locking mechanism;


The handles with optional width can be ordered.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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