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Holders for AA, AAA and 9V batteries

Holders for AA, AAA and 9V batteries

Dimensions, mmColorPDF
GSN-32-2PP31.2x57.6x15BlackDatasheet GSN-32-2PPHolder for two AA batteries
GSN-42-1PP24.7x52.3x13BlackDatasheet GSN-42-1PPHolder for two AAA batteries
GSN-34-2PP61.9x57.2x15BlackDatasheet GSN-34-2PPHolder for four AA batteries
GSN-44-1PP23.7x52.3x24.5BlackDatasheet GSN-44-1PPHolder for four AAA batteries
GSN-113.5x178BlackDatasheet GSN-1Contacts for the supply from 9V battery
GSN-226x162BlackDatasheet GSN-2Contacts for the supply from 9V battery


Plastic enclosure holders for AA batteries. The holders are supplied with150 mm long high-quality wires.


Series assortment includes the holders for one 9V battery, for two AA or AAA batteries, for four AA or AAA batteries.

  • enclosure is made of polypropylene;
  • Wire: 150 mm long AWG26;
  • Complies with the RoHS requirements.

The selection of enclosures Selection of necessary enclosures for electronics on the size and main characteristics

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